buyer’s remorse

the one that got away ;-(

So when I was home for the holidays I finally visited Kinokuniya in Seattle. It was heavenly…so many wonderful books. I easily spent two hours wandering through the shelves and thumbing through book after book. I finally decided on four books but hemmed and hawed about this one. It’s not that I didn’t like the book—to the contrary I loved ALL of the patterns in there. But I figured I could always go back and get it and since I prefer to make bags over softies, I thought it was wise to limit my purchases to books with bag patterns.

And then I realized in the interim that…the book has now gone out of print!! ARGH! I’ve checked all the usual places…Amazon Japan, Yes Asia, Fujisan, Ebay, and Kinokuniya. Nobody has it. ;-( I’m so sad…if anyone knows where I can track down a copy, please, please, let me know. Please?

2 responses to “buyer’s remorse

  1. i can loan you that book if you just want to borrow it for a while… if you’re unable to find one to buy 🙂

  2. so i clicked on the link & on it says that you can buy a used one for ¥ 12,596 buuut yea…for some reason i can’t get the entire page in english, so maybe they don’t ship internationally…?

    just trying to help! 🙂

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