We now take a break from the usual crafting/cooking for some long overdue thank-yous:

On Friday, the “big drama” of 3L more or less resolved itself. The doomsday scenario never came to be but the wait (about five months too long) induced enough nailbiting to last a lifetime. In the end, the resolution was about as good as I could’ve hoped for, although given the circumstances there was no “truly good” outcome to be had. To a number of people I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude. Many thanks to Jess, Derrick, Dwight, and loosegreentea, who were there at key crisis points and to Jeff and Nora who were with me every painful step of the way. Without y’all, I would’ve completely lost my mind and probably what little shred of dignity/self-esteem I have after three years in law school. Thanks for never doubting me. I love you guys.

The cartharsis this brings has been a tad bit overwhelming…you know that feeling like you’re finally getting some downtime after you’ve been running for miles and miles, forever and ever? Yeah…that’s what this feels like, so no surprise that I spent the better part of the weekend recuperating and sleeping. Oh and watching basketball. It’s just a damn shame that my boys lost.

On a totally unrelated note, I’m probably the last person in the world to make no-knead bread, but it rocks. Go try it if you haven’t already. It’s a fascinating process. Also thanks to Anna and Rachel for some helpful tips/hints. Mmmmm…bread.

2 responses to “dekuju

  1. the silent observer

    Am SO GLAD to hear that things have finally worked themselves out…I’ll have to get some details later…but whatever the case may be, I know that you’ll be a better person/lawyer for having to deal with shitty processes and shitty people…:)

  2. i’m slow on the uptake but SO glad to hear that everything is resolved in a decent-ish (read: not heinous) decision. i’m really glad you’re ok, and i can only imagine how exhausted you are. (me, i had two drinks on friday night after my hell week and spent the next day sick as a dog. so i imagine you felt kinda like the day after when i felt GREAT!)

    i have an awesome rosemary olive bread recipe for you… will email it shortly.

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