i *heart* pyrex

amish butter print–I’m in love

Sorry for the crappy picture, but that’s what happens when I put off posting until 1:30 AM. Alas, I don’t seem to be spending many daylight hours in my apartment. So I’m a long time fan of pyrex but it’s only recently that I’ve become very enamored with the Amish Butter Print pattern. The obsession started on an innocent little outing to Stillwater and then grew with a second outing to a much less lively Stillwater with Jeff. The smallest container holds kosher salt. I like to have plenty of it around when I’m cooking and at $8 it’s a helluva lot cheaper and cooler than the rip-off salt cellar I’d previous coveted for my humble kitchen. The butter dish was a recent ebay acquisition and what I was “really looking for” when I first went to Stillwater with Anna. The larger rooster container is housing all the extra butter not in the butter dish. What, you say? Why does this girl need TWO pyrex containers to house all her butter? Well for one, I currently have FOUR sticks of butter hanging out in my fridge and you never know when an impromtu baking session will arise. What can I say? That’s just how I roll.

I’ve put a moratorium on all further pyrex purchases for the indefinite future. I keep having to remind myself that in five months, I’m going to have to move all this breakable stuff across the country. (I must admit that I feel very attached to some of my material possessions, until I have to move them somewhere.) You betcha I’ll be bitching about it then. (<–note the way that sentence started…I think that's sign enough that I've overstayed my welcome in Minnesota.)

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