mail, mail, mail

This weekend was the weekend of big headaches and things I procrastinated on in great excess.

Same weekend(Bar application + taxes) = big migraine.

I also discovered that I’ll have to file taxes in two states this year! The website where I filed my federal taxes did not have state forms for part-time residency, which means that I will spend part of next weekend cranking out my state tax forms. I split last year up 2/3 in MN and 1/3 in VA. The only upside is that I’m supposed to get a pretty nice refund in a few weeks. A much needed refund I should add since bar application also = BIG expense!

I am also nearing the home stretch for this semester and for law school generally. I feel unusually stressed out this time around…not only because it’s the end and the uncertainty of my future is driving me #@(*&$)(#@&%~!!*&# insane, but also because my exam/paper schedule is compressed. I will be done at least a week before graduation, which btw, I’m skipping. Once I take that last test, I am SOOOOO outta here.

On the other hand, this weekend was a weekend of cool mail. I got a pattern from lgt with a nice little card and a much anticipated swap package from Charlene.

So much cool stuff! Charlene sent a felted hat (handmade of course), nice assortment of fabrics, hedgehog goodies, stickers & stationary, and (as requested) a splendid Japanese craft magazine! There are so many cute projects in the magazine that I would just love to make! Charlene is also a very observant blog reader since she picked up on my love for the munny. The flower fabric is already on the chopping block for a quilt I have in mind and a wall organizer I’ve been planning on (but not working on) for weeks. Thanks Charlene!

Now, I must get back to work…it will be another night of last minute things and very little sleep. I suppose I only have myself to blame. My tendency to procrastinate seems to have increased exponentially.


2 responses to “mail, mail, mail

  1. Wow! Sounds like you’ve been a busy busy bee! Glad you’re finally in the home stretch! Later, gator.

  2. I’m glad you liked the book and the package!

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