verdant goodness

Sorry, I can’t get enough of my shiny new plate…it makes eating so much more fun! (And besides, with all this running around, I’m definitely not getting any crafting done!!) I’ve been working on very minimal sleep but I somehow mustered up the energy to make myself a halfway decent meal. I always forget how easy it is to make pesto and how wonderfully tastey it is fresh! Thrown together with some shrimp from the freezer and Sunday’s leftover baby broccoli, it was the perfect meal at the end of a very, very long day.

This week has been one big deadline after another and at this point, I’m just treading water until next Monday. Still, there’s a lot to be upbeat about. Namely, I get to visit Jeff in three weeks! I was very concerned that between finals, graduation, and cramming for the bar, I wouldn’t get to see him until July or August! But then I found a freakishly cheap fare, found out some good friends [Shawn and Adam] are having a DC housewarming in May, and then decided to clear off my schedule to just take a break from it all. My finals finish early and I decided long ago that I was *not* going to my law school graduation, so the timing just worked out marvelously.

Thank you for all the lovely comments; they’re a real bright spot in my day. It’s always nice to know there are people reading this blog.


3 responses to “hurdling

  1. that looks yummy!

    i sent you a package today, it may take longer than normal (media rate) but be on the lookout in about a week i guess.

    i forgot to put the CDs in i made you so those will have to come on their own when i get my act together.

  2. the silent observer

    who’s housewarming? dare I ask? Is it the creme de la creme?

  3. Good luck on your finals!

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