moments of sadness…

I know there’s been non-stop coverage (and probably non-stop blogging, although I haven’t checked out any of it) on the horrible tragedy at Virginia Tech. I have nothing all that meaningful to add except a few things.

I definitely will have the victims’ families and the shooter’s family in my thought and prayers. My heart particularly goes out to the shooter’s family…I hope that the Korean community in VA reaches out to them and help them get through this very difficult time. I also hope they don’t get blamed for any of this or feel responsible for this. It’s hard because I know Koreans take a much more communal view on things…my mom is *always* telling me that what I do as an individual always reflects back and affects our family. If the Chos are anything like my family, then I can’t imagine what they’re going through right now.

The other thing that’s been bothering me is how blase my classmates and coworkers have been about the whole thing. I know that everyone expresses themselves differently but I would have to say that more or less across the board the law students and lawyers I’ve talked to have talked about this incident like the weather or last night’s hockey scores. (contrast my conversations with Jeff through phone calls and emails with my conversation with a classmate (who I consider a good friend) and her response [in flat monotone voice] “oh yeah…that’s a real drag.” I didn’t want to force a conversation and she either seemed really disinterested or uncomfortable (I dunno) in discussing the whole thing. Or e.g. when the number of victims reported kept rising, my co-worker didn’t bat an eyelash…I mean I was dumbstruck and that was before I knew the shooter or any of the victims were Korean.) It just blows me away…I don’t know any of the victims or the shooter. I’m not really connected to VTech…other than knowing a few people who went to school there a while back. But how can one not feel a total sense of outrage and sadness by what happened?! And how can that grief not be at the very least reflected in one’s voice if not in what one says? I don’t believe that the world should stop because of this tragedy but I feel like at least one should take some time to acknowledge how ridiculously sad and tragic this whole mess is. I don’t know if it’s self-absorption or stress or general insensitivity and perhaps my interactions aren’t exactly a representative sample, but it does make me dismally sad that I’m entering a profession largely populated by callous and insensitive pricks. (And just so you don’t think I’m jumping to rash conclusions….I’m really basing this on three years of law school hell and not just on the conversations of the past few days….those conversations just confirmed what I (sadly) already knew.)


3 responses to “moments of sadness…

  1. i completely understand what you mean. it seemed like the news broke and people just shrugged their shoulders. maybe getting knocked around a bit by life has made me a super-sensitive person, but i went home and cried! my heart just was broken for these people!

    my class mates aren’t even phased, like it couldn’t happen to us. ugh!

  2. i don’t know, dude, i tend to disagree. is everyone completely outraged and upset every time we kill 30 innocent civilians in Iraq? a suicide bomber killed 10 this morning, are all the bloggers that had a moment of silence two days ago going to have a moment of silence for them as well? how many people died in, say, darfur in the past month? surely more than 30.

    sure, i can see finding it an upsetting situation in general. but i would consider myself a hypocrite were i to be MORE upset and outraged about this particular incident than any of the zillions happening all over the world.

    kind of a fine line.

  3. p.s. not saying your upsetness isn’t legitimate for you – obviously you have a right to feel however outraged or upset you feel.

    just talking about my own feelings.

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