postal joy!

:: i *heart* japanese craft books! ::

Carolyn heard my plea for a Japanese craft book out of print and was generous enough to let me borrow it for a while. And as if that wasn’t cool enough, she included two other Japanese books on quilting for me to keep! Serious happy dance ensued. The quilting books are beautiful and inspiring…although the intricate designs are probably well beyond my patience and capabilities. And of course the softie book is bursting with so many cool patterns that I want to make them all. I see an army of adorable Japanese softies in my future. Many thanks to Carolyn!

::goodies *almost* too pretty to open ::

So happy dance #1 was followed by happy dance #2 when I opened up my vintage button swap package from Oiyi. I had to remove the gift wrap carefully since it was *too* cute to rip up. [You can see what I sent Oiyi here.]

:: an abundance of goodies from a generous swap buddy ::

Look at all this loot! The only requirement was 12 vintage buttons but Oiyi also included tea, crocheted flowers, a skein of cashmere blend (!) yarn, scented candle and lip balm, a cookie press, decorative muffin cups, and a cookie recipe book. So many goodies that I don’t know what to enjoy first? The cookie book is *amazing*! It’s one of those rare cookbooks that is so simple but so appealing that I want to make EVERYTHING in it. A lot of recipes call for raw sugar or rolled oats or dried fruits. Mmmmm….almost justifiable as healthy-ish if you can ignore the stick of butter each recipe calls for. The other nice thing is that most of the recipes make smaller batches of cookie (20 to 24), perfect for someone living alone and determined not to binge on cookies all day. Thank you Oiyi for this awesome package! I can’t wait to put everything to good use. (Thanks also to shim+sons for organizing the swap.)

Finally, some mail going in the other direction. My friend got my embroidered onesies in the mail today and they fit her little boy perfectly. Good thing I didn’t procrastinate on it much longer…or they wouldn’t have fit!

My little crafter’s heart is bursting with joy. Blogs and emails are nice but snail mail is best!


One response to “postal joy!

  1. Oh, I want the Japanese Craft book on the left. You will have to give me a review of it before I make my final decision to buy it. Are the projects hard or easy for a beginner? I tried to find the middle one for you, but was unsuccessful.

    I am so pleased that you liked my package. I am so in love with the softie you made me. I am still thinking of a name for him.

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