A little clarification…in response to some comments and other posts.

a) seriously, the Vtech thing–tragic.
b) but yes, there’s really bad shit happening elsewhere–hello? Iraq? Darfur?
c) and yes, that means the whole world shouldn’t necessarily stop b/c of some kid going bat shit insane and killing poeple….because really, what makes Iraq or Darfur any less tragic than what went on in Blacksburg….?

but the reason for my last two posts:
a) I would venture a guess that most of my classmates really don’t give a shit about Vtech, Darfur, or Iraq b/c being concerned about those sorts of things ain’t gonna help them on their finals, so while I can applaud them on some level for not buying into media hysteria about this and other tragedies, it’s really not for the “right” reasons. (whatever that means…) And believe, the energy that they’re not expending to lament about Darfur, Iraq, etc., they’re using to expend on far pettier and stupider drama.
b) In case you haven’t noticed, I hate 99% of the pricks at this school and so the criticisms in the last posts are really mostly directed at them,
c) Koreans (here and abroad) seem to be injecting a whole lot of unnecessary drama into something already very sad and tragic.

But the reason I think I feel some connection to the tragedy because:
a) I’m Korean–and while I don’t buy into this whole group shaming nonsense–I understand the f***ed up dynamics of it…and it saddens me.
b) I’m a student, attending a very big state school…there’s absolutely no reason why the same crazy ass thing couldn’t have happened here. And who knows how my fabulous school would’ve handled that?

Seriously, the world would be a better place if people just got over themselves and stopped with bullshit drama–whether that take the form of national shaming or an psychotic shooting rampage. Life just really sucks balls sometime and everybody’s gotta deal with it somehow. So why expend so much energy on finding negative things to dwell on or self-creating drama. Life’s just too short for that.


4 responses to “addendum

  1. you’re too cute. i hope you didn’t think i was bitching at you. 🙂

    it’s really the whole “moment of silence” and “aching in my heart for those in virginia” posts that were really getting my goat / especially on sites that seem to pretend we’re not at war.

    i mean either you care about it ALL or you care about only what happens to you and either of those are legitimate. but these people who just pick and choose random shit that doesn’t apply to them at all and ignore everything else just make me sick.

  2. Sara and I were talking about that last night… people who inject unnecessary drama into daily life just to call attention to themselves are just so damn tiring. Especially when they can’t even admit that that’s what they’re doing.

    The LiveJournal crowd is one example… and Korean families are another. Ask me how I know. 🙂

    I raise a cup of very strong coffee to your take on things, Carolyn.

  3. drama. why do we love it?

    As for the news, I can’t help but feel that, somehow, the coverage actually cheapened the tragedy by making it so, well, like an episode of “Law and Order”.

    Notice how the during the same day of the shooting, 150 died in car bombings in Iraq. The only “news” to really make note of it, Jon Stewart on the “Daily Show”.

  4. Thanks for your opinion on all this. I was curious to hear what Korean Americans were saying. It was hard not to miss the comparison of how many died in Iraq the next day. There definitely is enough violence to go around. Sad.

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