we return to our regularly scheduled program already in progress

::what do you think? a good likeness?::

I love Fridays. It’s hard not to…even as a law student. Because on Fridays, I get to take a moment to catch my breath and a night to catch my sleep. That alone is reason enough to celebrate but this Friday seems even more awesome than usual:

  • bar application has been mailed–i am $460 poorer but this is a big burden lifted
  • state taxes have been mailed–fortunately VA has a May 1 deadline
  • two classes completed (minus finals, of course), one more (my least favorite, yuck!) to go
  • sunny weather–clear, breezy, and 70 degrees, my favorite kind of weather
  • Nuigurumi Style courtesy of Carolyn–I love my patchwork bunny and now have another recruit for my army of softies 🙂
    • also debt of gratitude for Sally, who sent me a vintage button, perfect for a pink bunny nose
  • Sushi dinner with Stacey–I know I’m broke but we won’t have many more opportunities to catch up over raw fish…mmmm
    • she’s one of the few people at my icky law school who I will actually miss
  • Chocolate apple oaties–I made my first batch of cookies from the wonderful cookbook that Oiyi sent me
    • they’re tastey but not all that pretty so no pictures

I hope y’all have some reasons to celebrate!

3 responses to “we return to our regularly scheduled program already in progress

  1. Your softie looks great!

    I find that the tastiest cookies are never that pretty (in the photograhic sense).

  2. She is perfect! I love her patchwork dress. I just bought a book to make softies so I hope to start my own army. 🙂

  3. Very cute, very stylish!

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