in search of big ideas

::What a large head I have::

Very little crafting going here now that I’m making the *mad* dash to get ready for finals so I thought I’d show you pictures of my gia-normous head. Actually, this is somewhat crafting related. I got my hair cut short a while back but now it’s at the weird in-between phase where it’s too long to be convenient and too short to pull back properly into a pony-tail. Having those little hairs in my face constantly was driving me nuts! Then I remembered the headband pattern on Heather’s site that I’ve been wanting to make. So yesterday I took some time off from reading about evidence and employment discrimination to whip up two headbands with some favorite fabrics. They were a snap to whip up and they’re much better at staying in place than any headband I’ve purchased. And while this little craft break can be seen as a form of procrastination from the twisted amount of work I have to get done this week, I’ll just look at it as an effort to make my studying more efficient and distraction free. :0)

5 responses to “in search of big ideas

  1. Dude, no wonder you’re stressed–you’re upside down! Glad you’re in the final push. Stay strong, we’ll catch up soon!

  2. pretty! 🙂

  3. Your headband looks great… little breaks like that are the best! Oh and I love your softie!

  4. i just noticed this…your headband matches your blog! 🙂

  5. I see shoulder…

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