gulag orkestra

::a testament to my crochet skillz::
::Jeff couldn’t tell this was a tomato::

I’m off to wrap up the dirty business of finals. I’ll be back in a week free from any more dreadful academic obligations and (hopefully) with a J.D. (finally!) to show for it! Wish me luck!

Have a great week!


6 responses to “gulag orkestra

  1. WHOO HOOOO….in just one week? That is crazy. Congrats and good luck! Call me once it is done.

  2. congrats, sara!!! you’re almost done!

    and btw…i thought your tomato was a strawberry…lol! 🙂

  3. Good Luck, Sara!

    I thought it was a tomato even before I read what you wrote. Nice job on the crochet.

  4. hang on little tomato…

    in my defense, it was placed on top of something else which made it look like… well, something else entirely. (a ghost with a bright red face?)

    on its own, I can tell it is a tomato… and a very happy one at that. and it will be even happier in less than 200 hours.

    …as will we! 🙂

  5. Tomayto, tomahto–who gives a crap, you’re almost done! (I can totally see the case for strawberry, though…in any case very cute!)

  6. good luck dude! just bear down and barrel through and you’ll be fine!!!!!!!! 🙂

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