living well eating well

::hippie dinner::
rocket salad with honey mustard vinaigrette
french bread with taleggio
brown rice salad
yam hotdish
creamy tomato basil soup

Wow, I could really get used to this post-law-school pre-bar-cramming existence. It’s been nice to catch up on good sleep and good eating. The good crafting is still on hold until I work all this laziness and lethargy out of my system. I think the warm weather has really lifted my spirits and after suffering through months of crappy produce, it’s nice to load up on lots of fresh fruit and veggies. After wandering through a couple of the local coops* I loaded up on plum tomatoes, basil, locally grown rocket, pre-made goodies, and lots of bulk beans and lentils. Mmmm…we had one gloriously cool day here so I roasted a ton of plum tomatoes to make tomato soup. There is NOTHING quite like the taste of homemade soup. It’s hard to even look at canned soups after you’ve tried some.

::lazy Saturday brunch::
pulled roasted chicken
black bean quinoa salad

I’m trying to get better about my eating habits…they really took a nose dive during law school. I’m still finding some of my favorite rich foods hard to give up so I’m trying to mix up some of the good with the bad.

::window garden::
rosemary, oregano, basil, and thyme
gerber daisies

I finally realized how much I love fresh herbs so I ventured out to one of the local nurseries and loaded up on some lovely herbs and flowers. I can’t exactly have a proper window box but with the warm weather and sun, it’s quite easy to tuck the plants in a living room window behind my futon. I cannot wait to put them all to use.

Today, there’s a lot on the agenda…wrapping up lots of loose ends at school, watching a movie, picking up some friends at the airport, and maybe (just maybe) if I stop being a bum, making some curtains for the living room. What a life!


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