::going away tote::

Two of my closest law school buddies left town today, although our goodbyes were unexpectedly extended. They’re moving in together and had filled a 15′ truck to the gills with stuff for their new digs in Chicago. I’d said my goodbyes last night as they were wrapping up the packing but then got an unexpected 7:30 call this morning. I was still quite asleep but figured I should call them back since anyone who dares to call me before 9 AM is in some seriously deep sh*t. Turns out that they’d seriously screwed up their car when they tried to get it on the tow bed. So I got a bunch of phone #s for tow trucks, chauffered the two around, and just generally tried to distract them from the general stress of it all. They were very apologetic but I was so glad to help as they’d been very helpful to me last August when my move into the current abode turned into a total disaster. (My movers bagged on me on the morning of my move.) They’re on the road now and will be back for the car later. I wish them all the best.

The tote was a birthday/going away gift for one of them. It’s loosely based off of a pattern from Lotta Jansdotter’s book Simple Sewing. I’ve actually made a couple of projects from the book. The book has been a great source of inspiration lately although I must admit that I haven’t quite followed any of the patterns to the letter. In the spirit of the book, I used an IKEA linen for the exterior. I added a split pocket to the front of the bag and a small pocket inside.

All of this reminds me how DAMN STRESSFUL moving can be and it’s raised this specter of anxiety during an otherwise carefree period I’ve been enjoying post-graduation. Anyone who knows me also knows how much I HATE moving…it raises my anxiety level to 11+. God bless Jeff for having helped me with many of my recent moves as I’m sure I would’ve totally lost my sh*t several times over. I’m glad now to be moving right now since the looming bar studies is plenty stress enough but it’s something that’s down the pike. Originally Jeff and I’d planned on coordinating our moves together around the time of his cousin’s September wedding in Minneapolis. Of course with the ludicrous gas prices this plan is looking less desirable with each passing day. I’d already been planning on getting rid of most or all of my furniture but still figured that I’d have more than could fit into my car. This is where Jeff and I differ…he finds the process of divestment to be very liberating and I find it extremely stressful. I have to admit that I am attached to my stuffs. Really…I have lovely plants, a TON of books, a lot of crafting goods and wares, and who knows what else. I’m going to try my hardest NOT to think about this while I study for the bar, but man do I HATE HATE HATE HATE moving.

Have I mentioned how much I HATE moving? Seriously…I HATE IT.

3 responses to “divestment

  1. Me, too. Hate it. Except if you’re moving to a really cool place. Oh, and the chance to purge is a nice side effect.

  2. moving is incredibly stressful. last time i moved, i hired the movers to not only move but also pack. which resulted in a very precious to me family heirloom frame getting broken. and then they LOST both boxes of ALL my christmas stuff. no joke. LOST and GONE forever. so fucking depressing.

    that said, i find that once you have moved, the payoff tends to be very good. it’s getting through the process that sucks fucking ass. i mean not to swear up a storm on someone else’s site or anything but moving DOES suck THAT much.

  3. p.s. don’t you find most of the patterns in that book too easy? for serious sewer, it is kind of slackericious. i mean, her placemats are a hemmed piece of fabric? um, hello?

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