corners of my house

UPDATE: First off, a big thank you for the folks who called, emailed, and commented on my mom. My mom is recuperating at home. The surgery seems to have gone ok, but we won’t know how well it worked until she fully recovers. She’s in a large neckbrace for at least a month and will probably need physical therapy for a year or two. But a really good sign? My mom was able to take a short walk with my dad the other day, which I think is pretty damn impressive for someone who just had three vertebrae replaced. Anyway, although I’d just as soon never have something like this happen, it was nice to see how much the family pulled together. We’re a rather far-flung lot, covering both coasts and me holding strong in the Midwest. But I able to speak to all my siblings at least once. Still, it was kinda frustrating not just being there and it makes me a MILLION times happier about my move to the northwest.

While I spent a lot of time pacing my apartment and wringing my hands while I waited for news, I also managed to do a few things to keep me distracted. See??? ….

eat your veggies!
(arugala, roasted cauliflower and
sweet potatoes, quinoa black bean salad)

In spite of the warm weather, I roasted a ton of veggies last week to nosh on. Also, I’ve rediscovered how much I loooooove arugala. The greens remind me of my childhood in KY. We had a HUGE backyard and my grandmother would grow a ton of arugala during the summers.

craft corner (9 months later)

Remember when my humble little craft corner was just a corner? Well, let’s just say that things have sorta ballooned ridiculously over the course of 9 months. The main staging area has shifted to another corner of the living room because I just needed more storage. So here’s another corner.

precious real estate

My apartment has a good amount of open space but it’s still hard to keep the craft area from taking over my entire living room. I’ve added this second corner over the last three months. I got another IKEA shelf to store all my fabrics and notions but since it’s not always organized, I made up some curtains to hide some of the clutter. You can see my growing collection of softies stacking up on top of my knitting basket. I made the wall organizer a while back using green duck cloth and some Amy Butler prints. This is another project from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing, but I tweaked the pocket placements and number of prints used. I love it because I can just look at it and see where everything is. Plus it’s also become another area to display favorite pictures, postcards, and patterns.

holy crap!
(pub glass for scale)

But all my carefree freedom will come to an end shortly. My bar studies begin on Tuesday and I sadly unpacked my books this week to see what I was facing. The books are HUGE! collectively they’re taller than my favorite pub glass! AIIIEEE!! I have to commit all this to memory…by July! It will be an interesting couple of months.

In the meantime I will be enjoying my last two days of freedom thoroughly before I have to buckle down. Happy Memorial Day!

2 responses to “corners of my house

  1. your mom is home and walking a bit! that’s great news! so glad to hear it. good luck with the bar bri stuff.

  2. I’m glad to hear your mom is home and doing well. Your craft corners look so great!

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