how green does your garden grow

::garden real estate::
(left to right: lemon balm, thai basil, thyme, and flat leaf parsley)

:: a studious garden gnome::

::the joy of picture messages::

I had this vague notion that I would diligently study for the bar during the day, put in the required hours and spend the rest of my time crafting and such. That was certainly wishful thinking. This is not to say that I’ve been studying 24/7. No, no that comes later when I’m *really* freaking out. Now I’m just kinda freaking out. I do have free hours here and there but I find even with larger stretches of time I can’t concentrate enough to put anything together that I like. I tried a few things (sewing a simple tank top, making a stuffed toy, and knitting a small gift) and had to put them away because my heart just wasn’t in it. People, this means I’m freaked out. Really.

But, I’ve found that window herb garden is a nice distraction that doesn’t require too much work or concentration. The “plot” has now doubled in size from the original after a recent trip to the local farmers market. It’s been nice having loads of fresh herbs handy whenever I need them, although most of the plants are too small for extensive pruning, minus rosemary and oregano which have really shot up.

Finally, I’m already starting to feel like all this time alone (it’s just me, a lot of books, and hours of taped lectures) is driving me a little nuts. Ok, really nuts. Almost all of my friends have left the Twin Cities and my days are all starting to blur together. I think I’ve noticed my quickly deteriorating social skills most when I talk with Jeff at the end of the day. He has these full and busy days to report and I have very little of interest to recount. And I’m usually pretty drained. He’s been very patient so far but I do get a little freaked out knowing that we probably won’t be seeing each other again until August? September? (That may be one of our longest stretches apart.) But I know how much I love him by how much I laugh and smile when I get little picture and text messages during the day.


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