from the land of moomin

:: the swap fairy drops by with Swedish goodies ::

Ages ago, I agreed to do a swap with Malin in Sweden. It’s been a while since I’ve done a swap and I was really excited since I love all things Scandinavian. I recently discovered Moomin and just think that they are super adorable! I asked for some Moomin goodies and boy did Malin deliver! Moomin bandaids, moomin buscuits, moomin pin cushion, and moomin pouch! And as if that wasn’t enough, she added in a lovely Swedish craft book and some lovely heavy-weight fabric.

::moomin tote::

But here’s the piece de resistance! She made me a Moomin tote! I love all the black and white fabrics she used.

::moomin closeup::

She hand embroidered the little moomin scene at the bottom. Isn’t that lovely! Thanks Malin for a great swap!


2 responses to “from the land of moomin

  1. the moomin books are some of my all-time favorites from childhood — i just gave a set to one of my friend’s kids. love love love those books.

  2. I´m so happy you liked your package, and as I told you – I loved mine! And I just remembered – I meant to give you some Moomin books as well! They´ll have to wait until next time, I guess…

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