we deliver for you

:: a summery tote::

:: ooo! grommets ::

:: american loot ::

Malin has already received my swap package! I think it took less than a week, which relieves me of some of my guilt for getting the package out later than expected. Considering my poor luck with mail lately, I was pretty amazed. I made the bag out of some vintage yellow linen and my favorite green fabric. I had a helluva time putting in those grommets but I think they were a nice touch in the end. The bag’s loosely based off a Japanese pattern although I think I winged a lot of it since the instructions weren’t terribly clear (at least for someone who can’t read Japanese).

The cram cream goodies were the big ticket items, but something that Malin asked for specifically. It was a difficult job since Malin has a pretty large colleciton of cram cream goods but I was up to the task! 😉 I loved the hedgehog washcloth so much that I bought one for myself too! This was a very fun package to put together! Thanks Malin!


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