hopping into etsy

::coffee and donuts and bunny!::

I’m starting to think I have a thing for bunnies as this is the third one I’ve made this year. This was a delightful weekend project and a good way to relieve stress and break away from machine sewing. There’s something very satisfying about sewing toys. They’re great small projects, which gives me much more patience to pay attention to the small details. The pattern is roughly based on the nuigurumi book I’ve been borrowing from Carolyn. (I really ought to return that to her soon.) I say roughly because as with most Japanese patterns, I start with the pattern and then always end up deviating after I get frustrated and can no longer decipher the instructions.

However, BJ may be off to a new home soon. He’s my first foray into the world of etsy. I set up an etsy account eons ago but have never quite gotten around to posting anything up for sale, until now. If you’re interested in having BJ at your home, there’s more info on him here.


3 responses to “hopping into etsy

  1. Oh how exciting! Your (3rd) bunny is (also) super cute!

  2. i roaf him!!

  3. He’s awesome! As usual, I can’t fathom being able to sew something like that. Now knit monkeys . . . those I can handle. 🙂

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