a bird in the hand

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You know the whole thing with etsy is that it’s just so mammoth. There’s new stuff being listed constantly and there are tons of awesome crafters out there making awesome stuff. That said, I’m starting to wonder if it’s impossible to get stuff sold on etsy if you a) don’t have a huge blog readership (no) or b) aren’t already established somehow as an artist (no) or c) sell your stuff way cheap (no). While I don’t look at etsy as a huge profit-seeking venture, I do feel that I have to price my stuff so that I at least cover the cost of materials and some really nominal amount for the time that went into making stuff. Therefore, I don’t think I can bear to part with a hand-sewn creation for $10-$15? That said, I still plan on giving me this whole etsy thing a shot.

Anyway, a tiny bit more of shameless self-promotion, I’ve posted a few more goodies in my burgeoning etsy shop. Two small sets of gocco cards. The white ones posted above here and a pink version of the same cards here.

Ok, back to my studies!!


3 responses to “a bird in the hand

  1. I agree about etsy. Although I’ve had some luck selling stuff, I’m always surprised at what doesn’t move. I have some cool vintage wallpaper, priced very reasonably, that hasn’t moved, even though I see others (not as cute, imho) sell. The trick, I guess, is to beef up your blog readership. I love your cards, btw!

  2. Hang in there, your prints are adorable…it will happen. I have found that if you list a couple of things every day it seems to get more traffic instead of listing everything at once. Good luck!

  3. my friends who have had success said you have to constantly be adding new stuff to the store plus constantly pumping it on your blog. seems like a lotta work. 🙂

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