::explosions of color::

I’ve hit a rut with the studying. It’s a weird feeling to put in so much time every single day into something and still feel like I haven’t made any progress. (Oh wait, that’s more or less a summary of the last three years.) I had to take some time over the weekend to reset and recharge because I was a very unhappy Sara. I’ve almost caught up on sleep and spent the better part of Saturday cooking after a leisurely trip to the local farmer’s market.

Although the non-processed foods section of my fridge was looking rather grim, the main intention of my Saturday outing was to track down some peonies. I’d forgotten how much I adored them but then I started seeing them everywhere, like here and here. It’s been a highlight of this otherwise drab (and warm!) weekend watching them blossom and the smell is near intoxicating. I’ve determined that this will become a semi-regular purchase through the summer months. I also picked up a bevy of produce and I will be working hard during the week to devour it all.

After a few cold months in Minnesota, I have a new found appreciation for the bounty of summer. Flowers have never seemed so beautiful and fragrant and seasonal fruits and veggies have never tasted so divine. Now if only I could tolerate heat, humidity, and road construction…


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  1. ah yes, road construction. when we lived in minneapolis, they ripped up our street every single summer. every. year. same. street. WTF? 🙂

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