huuuuuuumid &hot

:: i gotta quit with this bunny thing::

I am endlessly fascinated these days by kkomegii. Mad props to my peoples for their contribution to the cute front. It’s given me a ton of great ideas–most of which I cannot execute at the moment I cannot execute because I am short on time and because the thought of turning on my iron right now makes me wanna cry. (It is bloody hot outside!!*) That said, I’ve been meaning to sew up a pencil pouch for ages now but the mere thought of sewing in a zipper made my head hurt. But then I saw these genius draw-string pouches and I just had to try out a version of my own. A few bits of scrap linen and Denyse Schmidt fabric and some QT hand embroidering while watching TV and I have the perfect home for pencils, highlighters, and le ipod. Suddenly I am excited about my pencils and highlighters!

*oK, at least one aspect of this romantic notion of living simply has gone out the window. I am shopping for an air conditioner tonight–I have not slept well in two nights and am showering compulsively. I forgot how much I hate humidity. I am now questioning my decision to stay here this summer rather than moving back to the comforts of the cooler, less humid Northwest.


3 responses to “huuuuuuumid &hot

  1. I’m so sorry it’s so gross and humid! It’s times like that I’m glad that I live in CA. When I first saw your pouch I immediately thought “where’d she get that cute linen fabric?” and then I read on and saw that you had perfectly embroidered the bunny on! It looks amazing!

  2. questioning your decision?

    Humidity is one thing… but could you imagine trying to study for the bar there at home base right now??

    I think I’m gonna have a yard sale next weekend; wish I could send you my air conditioner…

  3. Such a cute bunny pouch! Bunnies make me think of you now. 🙂

    So when will you head to Seattle? Drop me a line! We haven’t caught up in ages. 🙂

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