the pursuit of happiness

1. I won some fantastic Gryffindor sock yarn from Alison’s Harry Potter giveaway. What luck! I almost never win anything. Harry Potter was one of the main ways my sister and I bonded when I went off to college. She is *much younger* than I am so it’s rare that we share common reading interests. I’m afraid that my Harry Potter reading has tapered significantly since I started law school so I will have to pick up around book 4 or 5 after I take the bar. I don’t consider myself much of a sock knitter but I’m definitely excited about giving it another go. Thanks Alison!!

2. A tasty, tasty soft-shell crab sandwich courtesy of Coastal Seafoods. I like softshells the best because they’re much less work than regular old crabs. I find that as much as I love the taste of crabs, it’s fun for the first ten minutes and then it just seems like a lot of work for very little yum-yums. It breaks my heart that Jeff–a born and raised Maryland boy–is allergic to shellfish. I looooooooove crabs. How About Orange…. This is quite possibly one of the easiest and most satisfying craft projects and also an excellent way to use up some of the cute scrap fabric that I had laying around.

4. Jeff has a contract on his house. This is a very exciting development since it was the main obstacle to him moving out west.

5. Nifty fabric like this, this, and this. Jeff I see some serious cat pants in your future.

6. Tomorrow is Friday–not that that means a whole lot in the world of bar cramming but I like to think that weekends still leave a teensy weensy room for R&R.

7. Air conditioning. I finally broke down and bought one the other day at Lowes. OMG…it’s worth every freakin’ penny. I LOVE IT! Especially because there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for these HOT 90 degree days. I am praying for rain and in the meantime I will be spending a lot of time indoors.


One response to “the pursuit of happiness

  1. Congrats on winning! I won too! On, isn’t air conditioning great! Glad you got one.

    Again, congrats!

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