runch time!

not your ordinary lunch pail
(look! no bunnies!)

Been a a bit under the weather recently, physically and emotionally. I think the combination of the heat, hours of studying, and lack of social interaction have turned me to a cranky, curmudgeony gal. (Ask Jeff, he’ll agree. We have not been getting along so well–even though we will both be in the same city so very soon.) It continues to average 90 degrees a day….and it’s only June. And if it’s possible to throw out my back by doing nothing more than sitting on my ass in the same position all day, then I’ve done it. A dull persistent back pain is now a regular part of my life. How my mom’s suffered with far worse is just beyond me?

All my grievances aside, I’ve been tinkering in the wee hours with my sewing machine and more linen scraps and embroidery. (Insomnia is a terrible thing.) Over the course of the week I’ve cranked out this handy little lunch sack…a perfect food carry-all for me since my backpack is far too full with books and I am usually away from home all day. I made up the pattern as I went along but the inspiration started here:

Swedish inspired

Yup, another Swedish inspired baggy. I love this book! Such lovely inspiration and lots of great bright photos. You can’t see it in the other photo but like the Swedish bag it’s got that draw-string style top so nothing will fall out, but when you don’t need it, it collapses in nicely so that it looks like a regular ol’ tote. I lined it with some insul-brite so that it will help keep foods cold. The only frustrating part of the project was putting in the brown bias binding. I had to do that over three times and almost gave up after the second time. (Does anyone having advice putting that stuff on? I always end up with uneven coverage and when I stitch through I get nice looking stitches along the edge of front binding and in the middle of the back binding. This happened in spite of my attempts to baste it into place or pinning the heck out of it.) Still, I’m generally pleased with the way it turned out. The embroidery idea is again from kkomegii and just looking at it makes me happy.

Have a great weekend everyone!


2 responses to “runch time!

  1. It is SUPER cute, you crank! Hope it cools down soon, or at least find an air-conditioned cafe!

  2. dude. that bag is AWESOME> hang in there. the crankies will be over soon enough. i swear!!

    p.s. what else are boyfriends for if not to take out your frustrations on!! ha ha ha!! sorry jeff! 🙂

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