seriously scandinavian

Out of respect for myself and others, I took a small break (a few days) from the studies to regain my sanity and sleep. Results thus far have been mixed. I vegged in front of the TV, got dim sum, drank coffee while cooling off by my a/c, baked brownies, and gorged on Korean food. I’m still having trouble with sleep (except when I study, then it’s zzzz….). But today (day #1 of return to full studies) has been fairly productive and I only fell asleep once while studying. I consider this to be progress. Oh, and thank you for the lovely compliments on my lunch bag. It’s been one of my favorite projects so far.

Of course on hiatus, I turned to the comforts of my sewing machine and fabric stash. I got a remnant of Amy Butler fabric a while back that I’d been meaning to use. It was screaming to be made into a bag. I once again looked to the inspiration of my favorite Swedish book for a little messenger bag goodness. Unlike most of the bags in the book, this one actually had some instructions. Not being fluent in Swedish, I just took the measurements and guessed the rest. I added piping (with minimal cursing and crying) and am very happy with that little addition. I also added a pocket on the inside (for cell phone & pencils) and d-rings for the straps, instead of sewing the straps directly onto the bag. I realized after putting the straps on that they really weren’t wide enough for the d-rings but at the moment I’m too lazy and poor to go hunt for wider brown webbing. For now it’s the perfect little carry-all when I want to run across the street to my favorite local coffee shop to study.

pods carry-all
gloriously pink!

See? One of my bar workbooks is peeking out of the bag and I put in a few hours of study with it this morning. Yes, this is progress….


2 responses to “prost

  1. Everything about your new bag is gorgeous! I love the fabric, and I LOVE the piping!

  2. dude your crafting lately is just AMAZING. nutso.

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