taking them to the cleaners

:: people like this give lawyers a really bad name ::

I don’t normally post about legal things (or swear profusely…)–other than bitching about law school and the bar exam but this is something I’ve been following closely. This lawsuit is quite possibly the most ridiculous case I have ever seen go to trial and makes me really sad that I will soon be in the same “profession” as this prick.

An administrative law judge in D.C. (Roy Pearson) is suing his dry cleaners under the district’s consumer protection laws for $54 million. (The original suit was for $67 million…so the bastard’s somehow being generous by cutting down his damages $13 million?) The dispute is purportedly over a pair of “lost” pants. I say “lost” because they were subsequently found but Pearson claims they were replaced with fake/cheaper pants. Some people think that this is a race issue since Pearson is black and his dry cleaners are Korean immigrants.* Others just see this as the poster child case for tort reform. The case went to trial last week and the lame-o even started crying at one point. Pearson has turned down offers for new suits from the likes of the American Tort Reform Association and a famous apparel company in South Korea.

Apparently this asshole is a pro at clogging up the legal system with frivolous complaints, including some from his messy divorce. (It should be no surprise to all of us that someone would want to ditch this dipshit.) It should also be noted that when the cleaners “lost” his pants, Pearson was collecting unemployment benefits. The sad part is that our tax dollars are supporting this idiot–although his appointment is still in limbo, he’s still on the District’s payroll, raking in a tidy $100,521. Thankfully, a number of people have called for this loser to get disbarred and/or have filed ethics complaints against him.

This case is likely to bankrupt this poor family–so there’s been a defense fund set up for them. The family has considered moving back to South Korea.

Another judge seems to have taken the cue for frivolous suits and is suing the Yale Club after he tripped and fell. He’s claiming that the Club did not provide adequate staging for his speech. Ironically, this is a judge who has advocated for tort reform. Nice.

And if you need to read up on more frivolous suits, check out one of my new favorite sites.

I’m gonna go cry into my bar workbook now.

* I must admit that I am sympathetic to the defendants, as a fellow Korean but I’d be sympathetic to anyone who was subject to such a frivolous suit. Basically, I think this guy is a f***in’ idiot who needs to be disbarred and taken off the bench.


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