keep my cool

:: bursts of red::

No peonies at the farmers market this week, must to my disappointment. Still, I was craving some floral goodness, especially because my gerber daisies have not fared well in the transition to blistering hot weather. I picked up a batch of red lilies, mostly closed so it’s been nice to wake up every morning to see more in bloom.

:: wall pocket ::

I’ve been admiring Sally’s wall pockets for some time now but only just now got around to making one of my own. I was inspired by some fabric I got in a scrap bag from reprot depot. I love it! It’s super useful and it’s a much nicer way to keep my mail and bills in order. The fabric push pins were made using How about Orange’s lovely thumbtack tutorial.

In the midst of all my legal studies, I’m already contemplating what I will do with my “freedom” come August. There may be a wedding to go to in Denver and a solo road trip in the works. I’m thinking some camping will be involved and I’m already scoping out tents. I haven’t been camping since I started law school and have really missed it. Right now I’m thinking of driving down to the Great Sand Dunes after the wedding for a few days to camp and hike. I’m at once excited and ambivalent about the idea. On the one hand, I think this would be a great trip to do with Jeff but he’s already planned a (much needed) cross-country motorcycle trip to cover all the parts of the country he hasn’t yet seen. Also, I’ve spent a *lot* of time alone with all this studying. On the other hand, I relish the idea of checking out something big on my own. I did a ton of solo international traveling but not much since then. But there’s a lot of time to contemplate all these things….


2 responses to “keep my cool

  1. there are few things i hate more in life than camping. i have had some great experiences (non camping) in colorado however and my friends that live there camp all the time. so i can hit them up for some recommendations if you’d like some. 🙂

  2. Lovely lilies 🙂 Your wall pocket is adorable!

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