july july july, it never seemed so strange

:: summer’s bounty ::

Minnesota is a very different place during the summer months. It’s my first proper summer here and I’m finding that I enjoy it here much more when it’s not dark most of the day and negative twenty degrees. Sure, there are those days that are hot, sticky, and humid, and I don’t enjoy those at all. But the last week has been beeee-yooo-tiful and I’m ever so happy to walk down to a local coffee shop to study or to sleep with the windows wide open. My plants are also much happier…soaking up the sunshine and cool breezes. Now if only I didn’t have to worry about any pesky studying.

Yesterday, I made my weekly outing to the local farmers market and despite an organized shopping list and limited cash, I still walked away with a boatload of produce. After months of heavy food and dull produce it’s a refreshing change to have loads of fresh fruits and veggies with every meal. Last night: no knead bread (spiked with rosemary from my window plot), carrots with basil green goddess dressing, grape tomatoes with pesto, tomato soup, fried zucchini blossoms, and peach italian soda. I haven’t had fried zucchini blossoms since I was a little kid and it brought back lots of great memories of my grandmother. She was an avid gardener and an amazing cook. She always planted a ton of zucchini and found a thousand and one tasty uses for it.

Now that it is officially July, the study panic has really set in. Not much crafting and fun here anymore…although I have had a *big* project on the back burner that I turn to when I have the chance. Not so pretty as a WIP but I think it will be lovely (and useful) when I finally finish it. Stay tuned………….


One response to “july july july, it never seemed so strange

  1. wow. that looks really good.

    i miss you. 🙂

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