happy fourth!

:: what a dog!* ::
(red-eye reduction goes green?)

I was talking with an old friend recently who also decided to leave DC after many years of living there. I asked him if had any regrets, if he’d miss it at all? He said generally no and I would have to agree. This is my first summer away from DC in a very long time and I thought I’d really miss it, but I don’t. I like Minneapolis a helluva lot more in the summer, even with bar studies ever present. I gotta admit that it’s not a bad place when the sun’s actually out. I had a good long run in DC…over six years, plus several annual visits, and a couple of summers during law school. I went to law school with every intention of returning, but life has a funny way of taking you in other directions. Which is all just as well, I guess. Almost all of my good friends from DC have headed west (SF, LA, etc.) and there’s something to be said about leaving a city with more good memories than bad.

Still, there are days when I really miss DC and today is one of them. I know fireworks are everywhere but there’s nothing quite like spending the Fourth of July in DC. Sure it’s crowded, metro is packed, loads of security, hot and humid conditions but all of that can be overlooked when you get to see fireworks by the Capitol or on the National Mall with good friends. I don’t suspect I will be in DC much after this year but there will always be a special place for that city in my heart. Especially this time of year….

*That’s Lexie–one of my favorite old DC house-mates. 🙂


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