bon voyage!

Remember Barney? He’s a young pup with the travel bug. He told me he wants to see the world. I asked him how he feels about motorcycles. He said he’s never been on one but that he likes to try new things. I told him that Jeff was planning a long road trip and Barney asked if he could tag along.

Barney wanted some help packing so I got him a little knapsack for his things. He likes the yellow polka dots lining the inside of the bag and the little pearl snap.

Even though Minnesota is a “no helmet” state, I made sure he took one along since he’ll be traveling through many places requiring them. He was kinda bummed out about the helmet but I reminded him that it’s very important that he stay safe and that Jeff doesn’t like passengers who aren’t being safe. After some grumbling, Barney came around.

Barney asked for some reading and cookies for his trip out to join Jeff. He’s a little greedy and wanted so many cookies that we just couldn’t fit them into his knapsack. I hope he left some for Jeff!

Barney promises some pictures from the road soon.


3 responses to “bon voyage!

  1. Ok, that is ridiculously cute. And once again your snap looks great. I think I will try making something with a snap tonight…

  2. Enjoy your trip Barney! 🙂

  3. dude honestly, are you the best girlfriend ever or what? i’m in love with barney!!!

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