::hobo bag for Jess’s birthday::

How many bags have I hung off of my bookshelf? I’ve lost count but here’s another….

In an absolute fit of crafting before my self imposed crafting moratorium (starting today) I had some outstanding gifts to whip up. Jess had a birthday recently and since I wasn’t able to do something nice for her last year, I felt a nice handmade goodie was in order. I found this Robert Kaufman print a while back in a remnant bin and it somehow seemed very “Jess” to me. I’ve been meaning to make something with it for her for ages. Several months later, I actually get around to it. The pattern’s from a one of my Japanese books and rattan handles from Joanns. I altered the pattern measurements slightly and ended up hand sewing in the lining (plain brown muslin) rather than machine sewing. It was too tricksy with the handles in the way. I also added a magnetic snap to keep the bag together nicely. I think because of the shape it doesn’t look that big but can hold an awful lot.

::cell phone pouch detail::

And because I was feeling a bit ambitious and because Jess is extra special I whipped up a matching cell phone pouch. I had a box of pearl snaps I wanted to try out and it makes the pouch easy to transfer to other bags. The handle of the pouch and the bag bottom are from some green duckcloth scraps I had from my giant wall organizer. This was a very fun project that took very little time to whip up. I hope Jess likes it!

2 responses to “hobo

  1. i’m sure she’s going to love it, it’s a great bag!!!!

  2. You’re amazing, how are you getting so much crafting done? The bags look super cute! I have a box of snaps, but strangely enough I’m a little scared of them. Zippers, no problem but these snaps? I’ll probably get over my fear sometime soon…

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