:: approaching sunset on Lake Harriet ::

:: bursts of color in the peace garden ::

Still getting accustomed to this fancy pants new camera. (My fancy pants camera from my super sweet, super awesome boyfriend!) Since I am short on patience, time, and brain cells, that basically consists of snapping lots of pictures hoping some turn out oK. More thoughtful experimentation will have to wait until the bar is over. Thank goodness for digital. I could never be so snap-happy with my old manual. Although I’m sure there are many impressive features to be discovered on this camera, so far I’ve been really impressed with the way it captures colors and handles low-light situations (see above two specimens). The only bad thing I’ve noticed so far is that on automatic modes, it’s too quick to jump to the flash. The flash is actually pretty decent (it doesn’t quite wash things out as much as a regular flash). Still, I’m happy to suppress it most times and that is easy enough to do.

I’ve had the camera for a few days now but didn’t have a chance to sneak outside and and take it out on a test drive until today. I met up with Anna down at Lake Harriet to catch the Saturday Minneapolis Pops concert this time with little Minnie in tow. I had a lot of fun and felt that after a long day of muttering rules it was a well deserved break.


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