the long trek back to civilization

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kinokuniya haul, originally uploaded by poohba02.

I’m still a bit bleary eyed from the trauma of the last few days. I suspect it will take me a few days to appreciate my new found freedom. In the meantime advil is my best friend. I thought the migraine was related to sleep deprivation but it must be something else because even after 10 hours of “I’m dead to the world” sleep I still feel like an elephant is sitting on my head. The bar suffice to say was the most traumatic/harrowing academic/testing experience. I truly, truly, truly hope I don’t have to repeat this experience again but I shan’t dwell on that now. I won’t know til October anyway and I got plenty else to worry about between now and then. In the meantime, y’all better keep your fingers crossed and pray to the bar gods for me.

On to happier things…afterwards I grabbed lunch (very much appreciating the return of my appetite and taste buds) and headed down to Seattle. I decided to throw caution and financial woes to the wind and spent an hour and a half lost in Kinokuniya. I only walked out with seven books after exercising some serious discretion. Lest you question my self-restraint I’ll note that a) I was in a state of serious exhaustion and b) not all of the books are for me. A few are going back to a friend in Minnesota who was nice enough to pick up some lovely Liberty fabrics for me the last time she was in London.

After poring over the books and grabbing a few egg tarts at the local Chinese bakery I was one content little law student. I cannot wait to be reunited with my sewing machine so I can attack my stash with all these new patterns. (More pictures from the haul here.


4 responses to “the long trek back to civilization

  1. everything is going to work out as it should…so kick back & enjoy your newfound freedom!!! 🙂

  2. “After poring over the books and grabbing a few egg tarts at the local Chinese bakery I was one content little law student.”


    1. there’s no such thing as a content law student

    2. you’re no longer a law student, nor will you ever be one ever, ever, ever again.

    3. hello from Vermont!

  3. the silent observer


  4. Good luck, I bet you won’t need it, though. It’s killing me that I can’t reach into the photo and flip through those books!

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