on the road again

Excuse the extended blog absence but I had some visitors pop by.
on the road again
Jeff is about 2/3 of the way through his extreme cross-country bike haul and kindly scheduled a little stay in Minneapolis to see me! It was a very exciting and happy time for us both since we hadn’t seen each other since my graduation.

Of course, there was a lot of wonderful eating.
summer's bounty
Jeff and I made a little outing to the local Farmers Market yesterday and picked up a heap of veggies. We saw Ratatouille earlier in the week and I felt inspired to make some of my own. Tasty, tasty stuffs but not very pretty so you only see it lurking in the background.

Meals like this scream for wine and I broke open a nice bottle of Spanish rioja for the occasion. Whaddya know? That’s when Barney made an appearance.
prim and proper

He started off polite but after a glass or three:
you call that a kegstand?

And then it wasn’t that long before he threw in the towel. Oh Barney.
what a lightweight


4 responses to “on the road again

  1. Oh silly Barney, he is a light weight.

  2. LOL poor drunk sock dog 🙂

  3. what a cutie
    does Barney need and intervention?

  4. barney is the cutest. looking forward to seeing more of his drunken antics!

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