squiggles and socks
Not much in the WIPs-front. I’m a teensy bit overwhelmed right now with packing, cleaning, moving, and minimizing. Of course it’s just as probable that the hot weather’s got me rather cranky and lethargic. The heat is bearable but the humidity is driving me nuts and I’m even less tolerant of it after a few weeks in Seattle. That said, it seems odd that my mind turns to cold weather activities. After a long, long hiatus from knitting I’ve started some quick and easy projects to get the (craftin’) party started.

A few days ago Karen’s lovely market tote had me inspired. I had the perfect yarn for the project, three balls of Rowan Natural Silk Aran, courtesy of (a very thoughtful) Dwight. It was a nice change of pace from my Harry Potter socks since I was tired of short rows (definitely not my forte) and tiny needles.
more squiggles
I love the big open lace work and am fascinated by the pattern’s stretchiness and sturdiness. (Pattern can be found here.) Can you tell I’m easily amused?

p.s. Barney is doing much easier. He learned his lesson with the wine and has now returned to drinking beer.


2 responses to “(k)nitwit

  1. Nice! The icord border is the hardest part, but trust me it’s totally worth it. You’ll be so happy with the bag when it’s finished (or at least I hope and am sending good vibes your way)

  2. That is going to be a cute bag. So glad that Barney is feeling better.

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