summer blossoms

There were a lot big storms here last night. I didn’t sleep too well and gave up trying around 7 AM. Coffee in tow, I ignored the growing mess in my living room and sat down at the sewing machine. Again. See?
summer skirt
Another pattern from the same Japanese book I’ve been working through. This one took no time at all. By the time I’d downed my large coffee I was threading the elastic into the waistband. I generally followed the pattern but made the skirt a little shorter since I only had a little over a yard of this Amy Butler print. I like the way it looks although I think I’ll make sure I have enough fabric next time to make it the proper length.

Still energized I started cutting fabric for the “charming handbag” from Bend the Rules Sewing. A few hours later….
charming handbag
I used some of leftover seersucker and wool from my weekend projects. Initially I didn’t like how it turned out. I sandwiched in another layer with the facing because I wanted the bag to have some heft. Unfortunately, I think it just made all the seams bulky, despite trimming and furious pressing. This also explains the sloppy top-stitching. I’m sure at some point I’ll go back and fix it but for now I’m ok with it. I’ll definitely try this pattern again but shoot for less bulk.

I just looked at my blogger account and realized that this is post #199. Almost 200 posts! Where has the time gone?! In honor of my 200th post, I’ll have a surprise for y’all. Until then, be well!


6 responses to “summer blossoms

  1. Oooh I love that Amy Butler print! The bag looks super cute too.

  2. Gotta love those Japanese pattern books. They’re easier to follow than the American ones, even though I don’t speak Japanese! I wouldn’t even notice your top stitching if you hadn’t pointed out the minor imperfections.

  3. You are being so productive on the sewing machine! Are you procrastinating? The bag and skirt are cute!

  4. the bag looks great, and i love the piggy bag too-

  5. hott stuff! great job on both items. i’d totally buy those in a store.

  6. So many comments to make ack! First off, you are a sewing fool, and clothes no less!! Everything looks great. I can’t believe I missed a giveaway (kicking myself) and I miss college, too. 🙂

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