Day 1: run for the border (990 miles)

sunset and shadows
I’m taking another respite from craft blogging to document my trip here–mostly for posterity, not b/c I think anyone’s *that* interested. Rest assured though that there is some fast and furious crafting going on here which I’ll post about soon. I’m sorta saving up content for the forthcoming “craft draught” once I pack away my sewing machine and stash away my fabrics.

The first day of the trip was somewhat miserable…nothing quite went according to schedule and it was a mad dash across a series of interstates to Denver. Thirteen hours later, I arrived in Denver, exhausted and in desperate need of a shower. Strangely, I managed to arrive at the hotel before many of my friends who flew in from all over the country.

But you know what? It was totally worth it.
reception 1
Of course weddings are cause for celebration, but this one felt particularly special because it was two of my favorite people from college marrying each other. They could not be better matched. The wedding was beautiful but more than that it was just an absolute joy to catch up with lots of old friends, some of whom, I hadn’t seen (sadly) since I left college over five years ago.

Nerd confession–until law school, I *loved* school. Seriously…college, in particular, was a blast–and I’m not saying that because I partied my way through college. I spent my share of time in the library and pulled my share of all nighters but I generally shared the “work hard, party hard” mentality typical of Gtown. Most importantly though, the friends I made there were/are amazing people. Truly lovely souls all of them, and their friendships sustained me through the soul-crushing, devastating years of law school. It was so wonderful to finally see all of them again in one place.


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