Day 2: The Celery Experiment

One thing I truly hate about weddings is dressing up. I’m not generally averse to dressing up but whatever you choose to wear you also have to wear in the un-air-conditioned church and the lengthy reception–including while dancing, drinking, and eating. Yuck. It’s even worse during the blistering summer months when everyone seems to think it’s a good idea to have an afternoon reception outdoors. Thus, I was at a complete loss as to what to wear to the wedding in Denver–knowing that it was supposed to be around 90 degrees the day of. I had my share of summer dresses that had done a couple runs of summer weddings, but experience told me that I could not stomach yet another outdoor reception in any of them.

While Anna and I were out shopping a few days earlier I came across a lovely white cotton shirt dress on a sale rack at Banana Republic. I blinked a few times when I looked at the price tag. Originally $148 but now marked down to a mere $28.99! I snatched it up despite a small makeup stain and a ripped belt loop. (Nothing that a sewing machine and a good wash couldn’t fix.)

I deemed it summer wedding worthy but then recalled hearing that wearing white to the wedding is highly taboo. Sure enough, a little research confirmed this, but I was now 100% committed to this dress. What’s a girl to do? Buy $6 of Rit Dye and hang out by the bathtub for half an hour. Yes, that’s right people, I dyed the dress green…the night before the wedding. Fortunately it worked out:
girls, girls, girls

I was aiming for a celery green but ended up with a brighter apple green. I love it and think the dress will get much greater wear as a green dress than a white one. It’s sooooo comfortable. While I was on this big DIY kick, I also decided I needed a bag to go with it.
birdseed bag
A little Alexander Henry and Etsuko Furuya fabric and a few hours of work. Not really bad considering I threw most of things together the night before I drove down to Denver.


4 responses to “Day 2: The Celery Experiment

  1. Whoa am I glad I read this post. I’d totally be the clueless person wearing white to a wedding. That dress does NOT look dyed. It just looks like you bought a green dress. The bag’s super cute too.

  2. Looks great! I’m so impressed that you dyed the dress… I don’t think I’d be brave enough!

  3. Nice dress.

    Another great bag! Love it!

  4. i love the color it came out!

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