all quiet on the (mid)western front

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craft corner closeup, originally uploaded by poohba02.

Just duckin’ in to say I’m still alive and hangin’ in there. The last week has been sheer chaos but I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s a little corner of the apartment *before* all hell broke loose, since my place currently looks like a DUMP. Still, in the last week I’ve:
1. sold all my furniture and large possessions (God bless Craigslist)
2. learns the perils of life w/o health insurance (note to self–find job with benefits immediately!)
3. eaten the best pot roast on the planet (Thank you Modern Cafe)
4. amped up my caffeine and sugar intake in lieu of sleep
5. said goodbye to many of my favorite places in Minneapolis
6. discovered just how much crap that I own (Egads!)
7. scrambled to get my swap package to Lynn in the mail and on time (and I did! huzzah! Lynn, I’m SO glad you like it!)

Left to do:
1. sort, sift, and pack the remainder of my crap
2. attend a wedding on Saturday
3. be nicer to the BF (I think he’s feeling a bit neglected)
4. see the Flaming Lips on Sunday (I’ve been dying to see them live for YEARS!)

I’m outta here for good on Tuesday. Jeff and I are hoping to be in Seattle by Friday. Wish me luck!


5 responses to “all quiet on the (mid)western front

  1. I was breifly without health insurance before getting my current job so I am sending all kinds of good vibes your way.

  2. Good luck and have a safe trip.

  3. omg, that brings back so many memories! (of when i moved out to seattle!)

    and yes, life w/o health insurance sucks…but you have a pharmacologist friend who has lots of doctor friends, so if you need help, i’ll see what i can do… 🙂

    safe travels, sara!

  4. Oh how weird, I was about to email you and ask when you were moving… Hope you have a safe move over to Seattle!

  5. Theres only one thing worse than moving. Moving in the rain. I’m sending positive thoughts you way!

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