give peas a chance

I received Lynn‘s swap package a few days ago but have been too busy to post about it. I CANNOT believe that she was worried she’d sent an inadequate swap package! Look at all this cool stuff!!! She sent lots of cool Japanese goodies. A notepad, elephant stationary, Miffy color pencils, a bento box, soft candies (and matching key chain!!), and a fish patch! She was also nice enough to to send a wonderful gator pouch and a little knit toy. Jeff is particularly fond of the toy and I’ve named him Lil’ Pea.
Picture 926
And that’s not all…she included some really awesome fabric from her recent trip to Japan. I could not be more thrilled!!
Picture 925
I can’t wait to put all these fabrics to use!

Thanks Lynn for a wonderful package! I LOVE everything you sent!!


3 responses to “give peas a chance

  1. Wow, that bento box is sweet. The stuffed toy is adorable…but what is that bag at the bottom of the first picture, with the zipper? I’m curious…

  2. Love all the goodies! The fabric are all so cute!

  3. haha, it looks like lil’ pea got squished into a cone-head! I swear he was a sphere when I sent him! :p I’m glad you liked everything I sent!!

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