when one door closes…

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Well, I made it. I’m back in WA now, crashing (for now) with my parents. The reality of my cross country haul hasn’t quite set in yet. Nor has the fact that Jeff is now only 45 minutes north of me. Wow…how quickly life can change in just a week.

I’m not gonna lie…the move was stressful, though largely my own doing. Damn it, I really hate moving…even though it seems to be something I do almost annually. It’s a real testament to Jeff’s love and patience that he didn’t actually kill me in the process. My inability to part with most of my worldly possessions made the process entirely too time consuming. In the end, it was the exact opposite of what I expected. The big stuff was really easy to get rid of, especially if there was money to be had in return. On the other hand, the little stuff, the minutiae and clutter of daily living (of which I had a lot of) that nearly did me in.

Right now, I can’t look at all my stuff, the random assortment of loose goods still in my car, or the organizational nightmare of what I’ve unpacked thus far. This move has made me think really long and hard about material possessions, clutter, and priorities. I find it particularly hard as a crafter to maintain a life of minimalism. I know I currently have enough yarn and fabric to last me years but That hardly keeps me from buying more. *sigh* In a strange way I’m kinda glad I’m not moving into a new place of my own right now. Though I hate to sort through massive amounts of stuff in a confined space (currently one room in my parents’ basement) I’m hoping that it will be a lot easier to assess the value of something when it’s completely ripped from its original context.

I’ll be busy the next couple of weeks carving out a new life here (which hopefully includes a job!) but I hope to report back soon with some craftin’. The primary upshot of being home is spending time with my little sister who seems a bit more interested in my crafting (and cooking) exploits these days. It’s really neat to share your passions with some else, don’t ya think?


5 responses to “when one door closes…

  1. Glad you made it safely. I have a hard time at moving so I sympathize with you completely.

  2. Hurray, I’m glad you made it to WA! My sister lives about an hour north of me, and she’s one of the few that will listen to me prattle on and on about crafting. Make sure you set up your crafty stuff so you can take a break from all that organizing!

  3. Wait a minute–what’s going on!!!

  4. I hate moving, too! I have always liked minimalism, but I can’t live that way. I recently visited my sister in her new apartment. It was small, but decorated so nicely and clean. I realized it’s because she doesn’t craft, so there is no clutter and nothing to store.

    Good luck on the job front!

  5. You made it! I hate moving, too. I don’t envy you. But I am happy to know I’m not the only craft supply hoarder who still feels the need to buy new stuff regardless of the mountain of crap I already own. Cheers.

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