a room of one’s own

work space
Things are finally starting to settle down here…little by little. And my energy’s finally coming back although I still seem to require at least 8-10 hours of sleep/night. It’s been a bit of a challenge transferring the contents (sans furniture) of a 600 square feet apartment into one small room in my parents’ basement. For the time being 1/2 of my things remain in the garage and will likely stay there until I get my own place.

stash area
As with all things, organization is key. I doubt my stash of books and fabrics will stay this neat for long but for the time being, I’m gonna admire this temporary fit of order. I still am missing 1/3 of my craft books…somewhere in the black abyss of media mail along with the rest of my books. I hope they get here soon….I’m starting to get a little nervous.

lightening bugs wallet
My little sister requested a little wallet to replace the ragged duck tape wallet she’s been carrying around.

I think for now I’m gonna stick with small projects. (Like more onesies for friends with babies on the way!!) I need more space and more energy before I can dive into any big tasks.

5 responses to “a room of one’s own

  1. What a lovely, cheerful space! Feel better.

  2. Maybe your sister will get into crafts, too…wouldn’t it be fun to have someone to craft with? Love the look of the space…get well soon (and you’re so right about health insurance)

  3. I love seeing your craft space. So cute. Where did you get that thread spool holder? The HK Janome can only hold the small spools, so it would be cool to buy the bigger spools of thread.

  4. Thanks for sharing your crafting space. I always enjoy seeing where people work.

  5. Your craft room is way more organized than mine is… and I’m glad to see that your machine is out again!

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