all craft and no play…

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all sleeved up and ready to go, originally uploaded by poohba02.

…makes Sara a dull girl. It’s time to get outta the house for a while. This whole business of looking for work, broken up by spurts of furious sewing have made me a bit claustrophobic. Although both sleeves are now done (buttons, finished seams and all) and begging to be put in, I’m off to Seattle for the day to hang out with Jeff.

Thank you for all the lovely compliments! It’s just the encouragement I need to get this project wrapped up. I probably would’ve been done with it by now, but I chose to start another project. (I know…nuts.) That project resulted in utter failure–fortunately it was cheap fabric–but it may have helped me on my sleeve technique. We’ll see once the completed jacket is revealed!


One response to “all craft and no play…

  1. Ooh can’t wait to see the finished product. Have a good weekend in Seattle!

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