retail therapy

I guess my relationship with Jeff wasn’t the only casualty of this move.
oh so broken
A few parcels arrived in the mail today containing things I’d hoped would fit in my car but couldn’t. A friend was nice enough to mail them for me after I left and despite my best last minute efforts at packing, one of my favorite plates didn’t survive. It wasn’t anything special … just plastic, but it was badass and picked up at one of my favorite Minneapolis stores. Alas, my 15 boxes of books remain lost in the abyss of media mail. What are the odds that the USPS lost all fifteen? Impossible they claim…but with the way things have been going lately, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Ok…enough self pity. Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to check in and leave a comment. It’s nice to feel a little less alone during a time like this. I’m slowly coming around to the idea that this is best for the both of us. In the meantime, I’ve managed to concoct some distractions for myself…like picking up the latest copy of Cotton Time at Kinokuniya. (How dangerous is it that I live near one now?!)
the latest issue of cotton time

Full of lots of neato projects.
from the latest issue of cotton time 1
from the latest issue of cotton time 2
from the latest issue of cotton time 3
from the latest issue of cotton time 5

Apologies for the crap photos…my new abode is not the greatest staging area for photos. No ISBN # either…I picked it up for a friend and dropped it in the mail before I jotted it down.

Oh. Did I mention I’m training for a half marathon? I’ve got about 8 weeks. Yeah…I know. Nuts.


7 responses to “retail therapy

  1. Media mail takes forever. I say there’s still hope. I can’t tell you how glad I am you’re still blogging. Good luck training for the marathon (and the plate break totally sucks)

  2. I agree with Karen, those books may show up yet so don’t give up on them!

  3. when i moved to seattle from pittsburgh, it took my books over a month to show up…to top it off, i had so many boxes, the post office didn’t deliver them– they told me to come pick them up!!!

    anyway, i’m sure they’ll make it…eventually! 😛

  4. It’s true, media mail takes forever. I can’t believe you’re training for a half marathon… running half a mile makes me sore the next day!

  5. I can’t believe the plastic plate broke. They must have really tossed the packages around.

  6. a little retail therapy and crafty inspiration should be comforting for broken plates and hearts. Sory about both. Hang on in there! Good luck about the books

  7. that magazine is wonderful…so many cute ideas.

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