the awwww factor

Following the demise of long-term relationship, I find it helpful to keep busy. Real busy…lest one dissolve into a giant pool of self pity and remorse. Indeed, it was in the aftermath of a messy breakup after college that I taught myself to knit and first delved into the world of craft blogging. I’m still trying to figure out what my distractions will be this time. It’s gotta be something other than shopping (see previous post)–at least until I’m gainfully employed. One thing’s for sure. My desire to have a pet is stronger than ever. I’ve never been much of a cat person. (Ask Jeff about my first encounter with his two cats.) But I’ve wanted a dog for quite some time now….here’s the thing I like about dogs. At the end of the day, they’re about the only thing (that I can think of) that is ALWAYS happy to see you. (Is it so wrong to want to be so loved?) Can’t say the same for friends or family–or boyfriends for that matter. I know, I know. Trying to fill the void in my life with a dog is selfish…a bad idea. But LOOK at this face:
This is Jesse–my DREAM dog. A beagle/jack russell mix (who was) up for adoption at a shelter in Longview, WA (about 1.5 hours away). Alas, I called the shelter today and he’s already taken. (Sadness!)

Yes, I know that dogs are a lot of work. They’re needy. They can be destructive. They shed. They always need to use the bathroom. Aside from that, my parents are NOT dog (or any animal for that matter) people…so I suspect that bringing home a little pup would be a serious violation of house rules. But I suppose a girl can dream. LOOK at that face!

Also, there are so many cute little dogs out in blogland. (Like here and here.) Ack! So. So. So. Tempting. Really. Really. Really. Want. Dog.


7 responses to “the awwww factor

  1. Hmm. I started writing a comment and it ended up really long and sounded like lecturing about owning a pet, so I’m just going to say that the pup is super cute, and isn’t training for a marathon enough? :p I find it funny how much we think alike.. I’ve been thinking I’m ready to get a dog too…

  2. I had all the same thoughts before I got my dog from the pound. But you know what? He is the best thing ever. I honestly feel grateful every day that I found him. (i.e.:Go get a dog!)

  3. sweet face, but don’t be deceived! jacks are *high* maintenance dogs with LOTS of energy to burn…not a good dog to get if you’ll be gone for long hours…i suggest a retired racing greyhound…but i might be a bit biased on that one… 😉

  4. I adopted my cat mere hours after having my heart broken by a dentist and stand behind the idea of pet-as-surrogate-boyfriend. Will echo the warning about Jacks, though; they’re definitely a high-energy breed. Loveable, but insane as all hell.

  5. I bet there is a little guy out there just waiting for you to rescue him. 🙂 Dogs are wonderful and love unconditionally. My life is much more full thanks to my two sweet boys.

    Hang in there chica, it gets better.


  6. You should get a dog!

    Getting a dog (or 2) was the best thing my DH and I ever did. Believe it or not, we both didn’t grow up with any pets nor did we ever want any. Two years ago, we felt that we were not ready for kids yet and thought that maybe getting a dog would be a good start to learning to take care of someone else. We fell in love with the first dog and then got another one later.

    Yes, they are a lot of work, but only initially (house training). They give us unconditional love and absolutely adore us. They follow me around the house all day and never leave my side. They are my BFF’s. LOL!

    Seriously, we have learned so much from them. They have shown us that nothing matters except love.

    Sorry for sounding like a sap! But we never knew how wonderful it was to have a dog until we got one. Had we known, we would have got one sooner.

  7. jesse is the cutest thing ever. i don’t think getting a dog is a bad idea, either.

    and, i’m really sorry about recent events. i hope you’re doing ok.

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