a solo act

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Apologies for the absence + cryptic blog entries. I kinda thought I was actually taking this whole “breakup/OMG my life is in complete transition” business really well and then it all sorta caught up with me. Sleep has been sporadic and fitful so my energy levels have plummeted. Even running hasn’t helped that much. Accordingly, crafting has all but disappeared from my life. I’m completely tapped out on any sort of creative energy right now. 😦

That said, an idle mind is a dangerous thing so I’ve tried to occupy my time with something that feels “manageable” for now. Lately that’s meant a lot of reading, napping, thinking, and driving.

Without much thought I hopped into the car on Saturday and took a long (i.e. 425 miles), scenic (if not rainy) drive out to Neah Bay, the most northwestern point in the continental US. Even with a dense layer of fog and clouds, the views were breathtaking. The roads were incredible…scenic byways with lots of hairpin turns and rugged terrain. It was the perfect place to go clear the brain. I only wish I’d started the trek earlier in the day because it was near sunset when I finally got there. All the more reason to go back….

Alas, I got a speeding ticket on the way home (nothing insane, but irritating nonetheless)….and when the stoic state trooper (who was probably younger than me) handed me the ticket, I burst into tears. That’s just the kind of month I’ve been having. Very uncharacteristic of me….I mean this wasn’t to win sympathy points or anything. It was clear that he wasn’t going to let me get off with a warning.

I’m hoping (really hoping) for some good news by the end of the week. And maybe even a little crafting in between? Who knows?


7 responses to “a solo act

  1. *huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs*
    it’s tough, but it *will* get better, sara!

  2. Hang in there, it really will get better:)

  3. I find that immersing yourself into something might help. It will help distract you. But don’t forget that you do need time to grieve and just mope around and be sad.

  4. I love Neah Bay. Other great places on the penninsula for solitude: take a walk to/toward the lighthouse at the end of the spit in Sequim (if memory serves); Camping at Deer Park.

  5. I once got a ticket on the way home from therapy after my separation and divorce, and I was already crying when he pulled me over. And I still got the ticket. Then I really started bawling!

    hang in there. You will get through it.

  6. I agree with oiyi. You’re allowed to be sad. Break-ups hurt and life changes are uncomfortable. You will persevere.

  7. the silent observer

    Love hurts…sometimes…

    Here’s to hoping you find yourself with a large cup of hot chocolate, lots of marshmellows, and some quiet peace. Best to you from here.

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