fall color

Thanks for all the doggy input. Still many things to think about but contemplating dog ownership has been a welcome distraction.

My small living space continues to evolve. The desk that was in the room was driving me NUTS. The glass work surface was totally impractical and there wasn’t much space to keep things stowed away. After a part of the desk simply snapped off, I headed over IKEA in search of a new work surface. Much improved I think:
Picture 1031

Everyday life continues to be a big challenge, but life must be on the upswing because I think my crafting mojo is coming back. I’ve started not one but TWO quilts.
Picture 1029

I’m seriously in love with fall colors.
Picture 1027

One’s for me and the other’s a gift. After swearing up and down that I was not going to make any holiday gifts, I changed my mind. I figure between unemployment, rainy weather, and a ridiculous fabric stash, I’ve got nothing to lose. (The pattern can be found here.)


10 responses to “fall color

  1. yo dude. the blocks look awesome, particularly love the fall color one. but the pattern you linked to is not the same thing you are using. 🙂 just so you don’t get confused by your own links!! 🙂

  2. oh duh, never mind i see what you did. you’re putting four together / i thought you were saying that’s what you used for ONE block and i was like hmmm yours looks more like a disappearing 9-patch than a four-patch… but now i see it. 🙂

    are you using more fabrics or just those?

  3. i’m glad to hear the crafting is coming back. love the colors here and in the sweater post a few back. i’m staring down unemployment right now and in the midst of the thesis, job hunt, and grading, i keep lining up crafting projects in the back of my mind.

  4. the silent observer

    Dude…you need to come visit…I have found a number of places to satiate your yarn fixes…

  5. You have so many cute things in that room. It was only natural that your crafting mojo would return.

  6. you have the greatest taste, sara. i am especially loving the colors!!!

  7. Wow two quilts! And I can hear Ikea calling my name… Love your new workspace.

  8. I like both of the quilt tops. Hurray for crafting mojo! I only have knitting mojo and it’s making me very productive.

  9. ps: I am also dying to know what you decided about the pup. Please end the suspense!

  10. Great space!

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