on the cutting room floor

How many bags does a girl really need? How about two more than I already have??

Exhibit 1:
pleated beauty handbag
Pattern: Pleated Beauty Handbag from Bend the Rules Sewing
Fabric: Grey wool + Japanese kimono print
Project notes: Pretty much followed the pattern as written although I had to redo the pleats because I didn’t read carefully enough. I ran out of the grey wool so I used the pleat fabric for the lining as well. I think I like it a lot more because of the contrast it creates.

Exhibit 2:
alligator bag 1
Pattern: Messenger Bag, my own pattern (although I can take ZERO creative credit for it since I pretty much followed Tania’s genius design)
Exterior Fabric: Green corduroy leftover from my (still unfinished) coat + awesome alligator fabric from Lynn
Interior Fabric: Denyse Schmidt (Katie Jump Rope) + Joel Dewberry (Aviary)
alligator bag 2
Project notes: There are a number of things I’d change about this bag on a next attempt. (I generally do very little planning when I make patterns up from scratch, working only with the mental picture of what I want the final product to look like.) Still, for a first try, it’s not bad. I love the green corduroy with the gator fabric. I’ve been thinking for a long time about how best to use it. (Lynn, I hope you think I’ve done it justice.) The size is just right; I started with 12″x15″ rectangles. Still, I wanted the bag to have more shape to it so I think some stiff interfacing is a must. I just used some light weight fusible that I had laying around and it’s a little too floppy for my liking. I like the riveted straps and think they would look better on a bag with more structure. All the pockets though, are great.

Especially this one. 🙂
alligator bag 3

7 responses to “on the cutting room floor

  1. you’re so good at bags dude. can i commission you to make me one like that rosa pomar one i’m obsessed with????

  2. I’m jealous of the messanger bag. Messanger bags are the best, and easiest to carry.

  3. Sigh…I LOVE all the bags you make! I wish I had some time to sew, but I am in a major knitting mojo right now. It’s great to see you crafting again.

  4. You can never have enough bags. And a messenger bag is a must 😉

  5. Definitely did the gator fabric justice :). The bags look great!

  6. the silent observer

    See…all you need is a stand in the middle of some street fair, and you have yourself a business. Seriously, you got the time…I’ll hunt you down some great fabrics…ta-da…we can say “screw you” to being employed by others….

  7. Oh both bags look great! I like that the lining and the pleats are the same on the first much better than if you lined it in the gray. I love a fun patterned lining. That’s a definate selling point for me!

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