best in show

A few updates before I dive into the weekend.

1) I did not get a dog (yet), but I did drive down to Oregon yesterday to look at a potential dog.
Norma is a lovely brindle cardigan corgi show dog who is looking for a good home. I’ve been looking into getting a corgi for a while now and have been talking regularly with a wonderful breeder down in Oregon. Norma is still quite young (she’ll be a year old on November 16) so still puppy like in some ways but not in need of potty/crate/leash training. The breeder thinks Norma has great potential as a show dog, but they need to find a home for her because she plays too hard with the other dogs. At first I was concerned that that was a polite way of saying she’s aggressive. Norma, however, is a sweet pea and relatively mellow dog. It’s just that she’s not very happy with her place in the corgi pecking order and that can cause some problems. There are currently seven other corgis living with Norma, including two who will soon have litters. I’ll be curious to see what she’s like as an only dog. And guess what? I’ll soon find out! She’s coming to stay with me for a trial visit on November 12th (conveniently right after my 28th birthday!) to see how she fits in. It should be a lot of fun!

2) Another sale! Hooray!!
Keep your eyes peeled…I’ll have two more bags out next week!

3) I’m really looking forward to a mellow weekend. Perhaps picking up some knitting and getting some good reading in. It’s been a strangely exhausting week looking for work, cranking out bags, and hanging out with dogs. I suppose there are worse ways to spend a week. 🙂

Have a great weekend!


3 responses to “best in show

  1. Hurray, congratulations on your sales! I’m glad to hear that Norma is a sweetie pie.

  2. Congrats on selling another bag! That’s great that you will get a test run of taking care of Norma. You are not going to want to give her up once you bring her home.

  3. I agree with Oiyi: You are not going to want to give her up…

    Also, hope you got my e-mail. Got the bag and am very impressed by it.

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