WIP Wednesday

No finished objects…just a lot of works in progress.

bag #5 in progress
:: preview of bag #5 (very different design from previous bags) ::

last minute hat
:: knit hat with earflaps from Last Minute Knits ::

jacket with lining
:: my much neglected Built By Wendy jacket (further complicated by the addition of a lining ::

My goal is to have all three of these objects completed by the end of the week. Unfortunately, the (unsuccessful) job hunt + research on corgis has been crowding in on crafting time. Also, plans for running the half marathon at the end of this month have been scrapped completely. I’ve been battling a wicked cough pretty much since I got back to WA. I see chest x-rays and a (expensive!) doctor’s visit in the near future. *sigh* All I want for my birthday is a job with health insurance. Is that too much to ask??


5 responses to “WIP Wednesday

  1. Yikes, might you consider a job outside your expertise to tide you over? There’s got to be one with health insurance. I feel your pain.

    Also–lining? You’re lining the jacket? That’s amazing to me. I say: Anyone who will line their own jacket will get a job :o)

  2. The lining looks great so far. You will done with that in no time!

  3. That jacket is going to be gorgeous. I’m stalking your bags…. Sadly, that doesn’t get you insurance.

    Good luck with the search!

  4. The lining is gorgeous! Only a few more days until corgi day/birthday! I was just mentioning to someone that I didn’t know any one with birthdays in November, and then I realized that there’s you, unborn corgi pup and a couple of college roommates! Apparently I’m having an off month…

  5. LOL I think everyone is making those hats! I just made a hat from Vogue KNitting (holiday issue last year) and it’s cute and um, kind of small. Nice. I even swatched!! It’s strand color knitting and I think that tightened it up.

    Anyway, new puppy and a birthday coming??? 🙂 Hope you and Norma are a fit!

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