Norma watch day #2 (owie!)

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norma’s sick day, originally uploaded by poohba02.

Is that a sad puppy face or what? Our little Norma’s a trooper. She’s not much of into tricks (we’re still working on “sit”) but she’s very attuned to the environment around her. She’s already figured out that my mom’s the only person not sold on her being there so she’s extra-super-special sweet to her. But I think the stress of adjustment + some sort of bug/food change caused her to be quite ill today. Plans to hit the park and my knitting group were quickly canceled. Instead, she spent the better part of the day having various accidents around the house. Thankfully we have hardwood floors but I still ended up doing a lot of cleaning and laundry today.
She seems to be a lot better now but quite wiped…she’s spent most of the evening in deep sleep on the couch. I love corgis because they fall asleep in the funniest (more human like than dog like) positions. I really hope she’s fully recovered by tomorrow.


5 responses to “Norma watch day #2 (owie!)

  1. Oh poor baby! And she is a smart one to know that your mom is the one that needs the sweet faces. I hope she feels better tomorrow!!

  2. it’s probably just nerves. chin up, norma. 🙂

  3. poor norma!
    hope she’s better soon!!! 🙂

  4. Oh poor thing. Yes, new food must be introduced slowly. Mixing some new with mostly the old and gradually increasing it until it’s only the new stuff.

    Sit is the easiest thing she will learn. Little treats held up to her nose forcing her to look up and sit down while saying “sit” works really well. She will be a pro in no time. It took me a week to teach Caesar to give “paw” and to “lay down”. Napoleon always refused to give “paw” (he didn’t like people touching his paw). My dh never gave up on him and repeated it every morning until one day he did it. Now, he readily gives his paw for a treat. Treats are a big motivation factor. 🙂

  5. Poor girl. 😦 My Mason has a very tender tummy so we have to watch what he eats.

    Funny story, we had a bachlorette sleep over for my sister and made all sorts of fun pink cocktails. All night I had to take cups away from my little dog, Kaiser, because he would snatch them and drink out of them! Later that night I found him IN THE GARBAGE licking cups. The next day? He had a hangover! He threw up twice (and it was pink!) and then slept for hours. Geesh. I kept putting him upstairs but he can get the door open and would come down for those drinks. What a lush. I’m glad he’s okay and he won’t be attending any more adult parties.

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